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We are moving forward with works for the new pantograph that will charge electric buses on the H16 line in Barcelona.

The objective of the teams is to guarantee the loading of the 22 TMB buses that currently circulate on this metropolitan line.

The line has had an electric recharging station at each end of the line for three years –Zona Franca-Cisell and UPC-Campus Diagonal Besòs–, and the new teams will strengthen the infrastructure.

Ultra-fast pantograph charging is carried out from the loader, a pillar about five meters high that is installed at the beginning and end of the line, and the pantograph, a kind of retractable mechanical arm located on the roof of the bus, that deploys and attaches to the charger to start charging.

Pantographs are ultrafast 500 kW power systems that charge 80% of battery capacity in an estimated time of five to eight minutes, enough to start the journey again, which requires 40% to complete 80% of the battery, depending on the conditions.